Thursday, April 8, 2010

...Of the Day, On This Day, April 8, 2010

Word of the Day
interlard \in-tuhr-LARD\, transitive verb:
To insert between; to mix or mingle; especially, to introduce something foreign or irrelevant into; as, "to interlard a conversation with oaths or allusions."

'Urban' Word of the Day
Bitchen: The term for the room in an urban apartment in which the bathroom is located in the kitchen.

Scrabble Word of the Day
SLEDGE (8 pts)

On This Day in History
1979 - The last episode of "All In The Family" aired.
1994 - Nirvana's Kurt Cobain's was found dead, a shotgun next to his body along with a suicide note. A high concentration of heroin and traces of Valium were also found in Cobain’s body.

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