Friday, March 4, 2011

This Was The Week in Words: Inaugural Edition

Welcome to the inaugural edition of This Was The Week in Words, a recap of news, events and words that (usually) crazy people said during the past week...
  • Melissa Leo made Oscar history when she dropped the first-ever f-bomb during her Best Supporting Actress acceptance speech. Surprised it took this long for that to happen.
  • Bristol friggin' Palin signed a book deal to "write" her "memoirs." Hoping she has a bestseller, and that she's setting aside the money for all the therapy her kid will need.
  • The Washington Post featured a very entertaining story about sign-language interpreters who sign music lyrics to concert audiences. Felt a little sorry for the woman tasked with translating Lady Gaga -- and I now have "disco stick" seared forever into my brain.
  • Gave a half-hearted, "Yay," for free speech when the Supreme Court upheld the First Amendment rights of the Westboro Baptist Church to act like hateful, ignorant puke-faces at funerals.
  • Speaking of, the week really belonged to the Lord Voldemort of celebrities. In less than a week, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named-Here redefined the word "winning" -- and oh so many other things -- after he napalmed, well, everything in his life, as well the lives of his family, his friends, his fans, and everyone who was lost their jobs along with him when CBS canceled his top-rated (that I will never understand) sitcom. Funny or Die sums up the whole tragicomic mess as well as anyone. If you see Martin Sheen, give the poor man a hug for me.

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