Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cookie Crumbles

NaPoWriMo, Day 21

Cookie Crumbles

If you cannot taste the sweet, first lick the salt.

You will find deep religious zealotry amongst proselytizing atheists.

Wet pants will dry faster when warmed by the legs of another.

Look to the stars to connect the dots in the empty spaces between your life.

If your mind is in a fog, headlights will make your vision worse.

You will meet someone wonderful today – and immediately forget him forever.

Look under your napkin for a surprise... now.

You are a woman with very masculine hands or a man with very delicate fingers.

Stop doing that.

Pick up a grape. Roll your tongue over all the smooth sides. Then bite.

Ask yourself why you are.

You will watch television all day and waste your chance for a perfect moment.

You will close your door to a heartache, and open a wound to a possibility.

You will believe you are a sensual creature of God.

Be wary of trustworthy liars.

An unexpected stranger will make you weep with her wisdom.

You will be uncertain of stone tablets.

A cat will cross your path. Follow it to a great work of art.

You will find the missing sock. It will not match.

Can you make a career of someone else’s life?

Your lucky numbers will be on the money you give to--

© Julie Bartha-Vasquez, 2013

Image from Wikimedia Commons
Notes on the Poem:
The writing prompt today was to write lines for fortune cookies. I think we can all agree I would be terrible at that job. -- WNG

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  1. Love it! Very nice indeed.

    Much much better than my lame effort. I was tired and I guess I could skip or postpone a day instead of churning out a crap poem.