Sunday, April 28, 2013

Open House

NaPoWriMo, Day 27

Open House

What are all these things we keep?
Hoarded bags in corners creeped.
Spilling wants of greed we heaped.
And memories better buried deep.

Why is it that we can’t let go
Of this crippling overflow?
An accumulated mountain grown,
We must shed tears on what we’ve sown.

Proceed: Find floors and go with faith.
Accept the pain of unembrace.
That when once open rooms you face
You will know a home of grace.

© Julie Bartha-Vasquez 2013

Notes on the Poem
"Hoarders" or my house? I'll never tell!

This is my entry for yesterday. My inspiration: my garage, which we  barely made a dent in cleaning. It's been rendered useless by over 14 years of stuff, 90% no longer needed or wanted... but oh! remember this! Oh, we so wanted to do that!. And... Oh! We might still be able to use this! No, we won't. We are one camera crew and a feral cat colony away from being pitied on a cable reality series. But still, it is so hard to let go of so many things... -- WNG


  1. I am taking an entire week off at the end of May to go through my house and prepare for Saturday's town wide yard sale. Going to see if I can get the Salvation Army to come and take away what doesn't sell...if they can pry it out of my hands...