Friday, April 12, 2013

Lie-ten Up!

Lie-ten Up!

(NaPoWriMo, Day 12)

She lie upon his naked chest
Laced her nape did lay a lei
They’d met last night out on the beach
Past noon abed they stay.

Upon his leg, fingers enlaced
strokes lingered where they had lain,
Lips upon his longing lobe
Re-alit his flame.

Allied as one into sun’s set,
Once more to morning's ligh’,
Like lone lovers ‘midst the lilac lea
They shouted passions high.

At rest, at last, he turned to her,
And said, “Of all my life,
I’ve never known a love like yours,
Oh please love, be my wife.”

She smiled – so sweet!-- Gazed to his eyes,
Her reply a million times replayed:
“I appreciate the offer dude,
But I just wanted to get laid.”

© Julie Bartha-Vasquez, 2013

Notes on the Poem:

I just wanted to have some fun. It's been a gloomy day. I've been writing gloomy poetry this week. 

The inspiration... Jonathan Winters -- a master of making up silly stuff (RIP). And... Grammar! As in, "When should I use the word Lie? Lay? Lain? And -- ahem -- Laid?  Because I'm THAT much of a nerd! (No, I'm not. Please, do not romance me by whispering conjugations into my ear.)

Actually, Grammar Girl has a very handy chart that explains it all. I have to look it up on a regular basis because it is very confusing. 

When I decided to go heavy on the "L" words, the poem started sounding a whole lot dirtier than I intended it too -- that's an earlobe I was referring to. Really. An earlobe.  But also a good writing tip... if you want something to sound leering and lascivious, load up on the "L" words.
"Sex on the Beach"
Digital Photo of a Poloroid

My only goal was silliness. Set up. Punchline. Out. Hope you enjoyed. What's the point if it's not fun? Back to more serious study tomorrow. -- WNG

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  1. I read this lying in bed :) Very nice for a gloomy weather day. Very sad about Mr. Winters' passing as well. I will attempt to write a poem for Day 12 later but a migraine has been laid on me.